Die Casting
AsiaLink International Technology Corporation die casting foundry in China is able to manufacture low pressure and high pressure die castings specializing in aluminum and magnesium die castings. Low pressure die casting is commonly used for larger non-critical parts, whereas high pressure castings are used for tight tolerance detailed geometry. High pressure die castings are able to maintain tighter tolerances and more detail than low pressure die casting because the extra pressure utilized is able to push the metal into more detailed features in the mold. Aluminum and magnesium die casting in China has become very popular due to the high quality low costs we are able to deliver.
Lost Wax Casting Part
Die Casting with Manufacturing Capabilities and Innovative Design
Lost Wax Casting Part of OEM and ODM services.
Besides our own Asialink-Tech brand, we also specialize in both OEM and ODM services.
With our innovative design and manufacturing capabilities, professional metal molding and injection molding technologies, we can deliver a total solution from start to finish .
Most significantly of all, with our quality cost control methods and years of manufacturing experience, we are confident that Asialink-Tech is your number one choice for partnership.
Certification by ISO9001 Standards
Magnesium die castings have become increasingly popular in the electronics and automotive industries because they are so light, yet maintain very strong mechanical properties. Magnesium die castings are ideal where weight savings are the primary goal as they are almost as light as plastic. Magnesium die castings have many improved characteristics over plastics such as improved rigidity, inherent EMI shielding, heat dissipation, durability and the ability to fully recycle. Magnesium die castings are able to provide more detailed and tighter tolerance parts than aluminum die castings.
We are also able to offer die castings from our China factory, in zinc, bronze, copper and aluminum alloy castings, with plating, finished machining, polishing and other secondary operations.
Our high pressure die castings have excellent surface finishes that are consistent dimensionally with precision features and minimum draft. We are one stop sourcing for engineered and aluminum die castings, magnesium die castings, zinc castings, brass castings, and copper castings. Die casting alloys are non-ferrous and there are a large number available with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties to cover almost every application a designer might need.
The high pressure die casting process provides a high quality affordable solution for repeatable metal products. Our die cast parts are made in China and used for many industries including electronics, pumps and valves, propane gas, automotive, aerospace, business and office, construction and medical. Be sure to visit our other metal manufacturing pages for more information on other manufacturing techniques. AsiaLink International Technology Corporation offer state of the art die casting production capabilities in China and complete secondary finishing capabilities.
AsiaLink International Technology Corporation warehouse and logistics centers in Shenzhen, China and Taiwan can make sure all of your die castings delivery needs are met. From our China die castings foundry we are able to ship to any locations in the world.