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Stamping Parts 

Our metal stamping factory in China can manufacture medium and long productions runs, and low-cost, quick turnaround prototypes engineered to maintain critical customer requirements. We specialize in precision sheet metal fabrications, metal enclosures, chassis, tube bending, drawn and deep drawn shapes, and secondary operations such as machining, brazing, plating and painting and are one of the premier metal stampings fabricators.

2015 New Stamping Parts Catalog 

Die Casting
Our Die Castings company facilities are located in Dongguan, China. AsiaLink International Technology Corporation die castings foundry in China has the ability to design and manufacture close tolerance die cast metal products for many different industries. We utilize many different types of metal to produce aluminum castings, magnesium die castings, bronze castings, copper castings and zinc castings. When die castings require a large amount of labor, we are able to utilize our low cost structures in Asia, and provide a low cost final product.

2015 New Die Casting Catalog 

Molds & Plastic Parts
Our plastic injection molding company facilities are located in China, and Taiwan. We are able to support customers both domestically and internationally with plastic injection molding machines and mold making facilities in both the Taiwan and China. This unique combination gives AsiaLink International Technology Corporation an advantage over any other plastic injection mold manufacturer or plastic injection molding company. Because we can manufacture the mold and mold the parts in our facilities we can warranty our tools in the Taiwan and China for the number of cycles quoted. Many disputes arise between a plastic injection mold manufacturer and plastic injection molding company when tool damage occurs. This is not an issue if you use AsiaLink International Technology Corporation for tooling and molding.

2015 New Plastic Parts Catalog 


High quality precision machining services for the industrial, hardware, electronic, energy, propane gas, industrial valve, water supply, communications, and automotive markets are a specialty of our Taiwan and China factory. We have many high quality CNC Machines (mills and lathes) in China and Taiwan available in many sizes that produce simple and complex shapes. Our Taiwan facility also offers high quality precision machining services for quick turn and moderate volume production runs.

2015 New Machining Catalog